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We have reached our goal! We are no longer receiving anymore orders. To continue supporting the Kits CARES Cafe, please visit Thank you so much for your support!


Important notice: The Kits CARES Café will hand out groceries outside Lord's Grace Church from Nov 12th until further notice.

Kits CARES Café (KCC) is a weekly meal program that helps the marginalized satisfy their physical, emotional and spiritual hunger in the spirit of Christ. Typically located at the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, it is the only free or low-cost food service that operates on the west side of Vancouver. Every week, we serve over eighty guests, with a large majority of them having KCC as their only food support system. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to shift from warm and welcoming sit-down hot meals to bags full of groceries and small meals packed to-go, increasing our expenses. That is why Tiffany and Philip are hosting a fundraiser to continue providing food for the food insecure.

  • From November 8th to 29th, we would appreciate your support as we are selling Christmas cards and/or 340 g Pallet Coffee Roasters Benchmark whole bean coffee blend for a minimum of $5 and $25, respectively (No income tax receipts will be issued).
  • To order, please order via this Google Form (
  • 100% of the profit will be donated to KCC so that the program can continue providing food and exploring ways to address loneliness.
  • Coffee and cards can be picked up at Lord’s Grace Church (2396 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 2A9) after the fundraiser (Date TBA) or delivered to your home if it is in the Vancouver area (only if needed).
  • For any questions, please email Tiffany and Philip at [email protected].

Please support us by purchasing our goods, helping us deliver goods, spreading the word and/or keeping us in prayer! With your generous help, KCC will continue to be a light to those in the community, especially during these dim times. Thank you!