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To the LGC community,

In a few short weeks, a lot has changed for us within our community because of Covid-19. Though we may be fearful and uncertain, we also know that God has not changed, and God is with us all along the way. When we are weak, we are made strong in Jesus. In his love, we are also called to uphold the community and each other.

In the spirit of togetherness at this critical time of disease and disorder, our church has organized a Community Support Team to help families and individuals in need. For those who are unable to leave home, a team of volunteers will access and deliver essentials such as groceries and medications. Our volunteers can also pray for you or chat with you over the phone. If you think you can use our support, please fill out a simple Request Form provided.

For those who are seeking opportunities to serve, the Support Group is also looking for volunteers to pray, to chat and to shop. For further information, please contact Pastor Sam or Julie Shum. As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch to let us know how you are doing and how we may help at this stressful time. We may be reached at [email protected]

With thanks for all of you and your commitment to this community we call home.

Grace and Peace, Community Support Team