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LGC will start to accept tithing by e-transfer as of today in addition to accepting cheques sent by mail. We believe that e-transfer may be more convenient for many. However, the concern is that convenience may make tithing just a routine. Sometimes routine may diminish the meaning of offering. LGC has never put tithing in the forefront of our worship because we do not want to over-emphasize monetary offering, thus overshadowing the importance of offering oneself as a living sacrifice. So even when offering is more convenient, we need to remind ourselves that we are offering ourselves as a living sacrifice, and it is our way of responding to God’s grace. The amount of our offering is not important, but the act of gratitude is essential as we respond to the grace of God. In the worship, we will pray an offertory prayer as a token of our gratitude. We shall practice together this response to God’s grace.

The Finance Department has set up a dedicated e-transfer bank account and encourages you to utilize this more convenient way to make your offering. Please refer to the "Offering" page on this website or contact the office for enquiries.